What I want to hear Mitt Romney say

We’ve heard a lot of crazy talk the past week about health care. Sadly, I’m disappointed that with an opportunity to end the campaign now and make the election a formality, the Republicans continue to posture and postulate and give up an opportunity to stand for something and take the high road. They could have won the election in the last 7 days by claiming the middle of the road. Not the road that funds campaigns- the road that votes and decides campaigns.

With that said, here is what I wanted to hear Mitt Romney say:

“My fellow Americans. Now that the dust has settled on the Health Care decision, I want to share with you a new vision. In my vision, we move to a new dialogue in this election season.

While we have engaged in verbal efforts to decry the decision, I want to point out some facts. The health care idea passed by Congress and validated by the Court was born, not in a Democratic White House, but born in a Republican thoughts and ideals. Ideals first introduced in a 1989 book, “A National Health System for America” by Stuart Butler and Edmund Haislmaie for the Heritage Foundation, a Republican think tank. It was our idea. The Heritage Foundation has helped shape our conservative agenda, the same minds behind Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America. The same minds behind many of the conservative agendas that date back to the Reagan administration. While we do not support some of the portions of the Affordable Care Act, it’s genesis, it’s structure, and it’s core values in its foundation are the ideas of our conservative party. We need to stop deriding this legislation and claim our rightful ownership of its creation.

As governor in Massachusetts, I enacted this idea and we successfully covered 99% of the citizens of our state. I took this conservative agenda, implemented it successfully- so successfully that Massachusetts served as the role model during the debates that led to this legislation. It was my leadership that led the way for national change. It was my leadership from which this idea sprang up and was first passed into law.

Today I pledge to you that not only will I stop the negative referring to the ACA as “Obamacare”, I will proudly claim ownership of the ideals. I will stop the rhetoric of hate and instead embrace an idea so successful in my state that it has been embraced and enacted for all 50.

Our idea was so successful that the Democrats adopted it, enacted it, and now take credit for it. My question for America is this: do you want to elect those who take our ideas and agendas and claim them as their own, or do you want to elect the leaders who created, implemented, and first enacted legislation. Republican need to unite and stop distancing ourselves from health care; while we will fine tune some details when elected, we will stand before you today and claim ownership on this issue. And I challenge America today: do you want to elect the party who has the ideas and ideals that are so successful that our opponents take them and claim them as their own? Or do you want the party who takes our concepts and claims them as originals?

Thank you American people”

Personal Note: I believe America will vote for the candidate that takes the high road, proudly stands by his convictions and record, and demonstrates leadership that is transparent, sincere, and self-assured. I also believe that we are more likely to witness an invasion by killer fairies with laser bombs than see either candidate express candor and transparency in their convictions.


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